K-netizens Praise NewJeans For Sweet Gesture Towards IVE, “Idols Are Nice To Each Other But Fans Are Fighting”

NewJeans asked for tissues when IVE cried after receiving an award

On December 5, a Korean netizen made a post on the popular online community Nate Pann with the title “NewJeans asked for tissues when IVE cried after receiving an award.”

In this post, the netizen posted a captured photo of a video on X, showing NewJeans’ Hanni and Hyein asking the staff for some tissues as they saw IVE cry when receiving an award at Melon Music Awards.
The netizen praised this heartwarming and cute gesture, saying, “I hope NewJeans and IVE got closer.”

Original post : Pann

In the comment section, many Internet users have come to leave their praises for NewJeans. The top comments include:

“The singers are so cute, but why are their fans fighting that much”

“I saw that, too. Hanni and Hyein saw them coming in with their eyes sobbing, pointed slightly toward their eyebrows, and made a tear shedding gesture and asked the staff if they could give them tissues. Isn’t that too sweet..”

“I want to see those two groups get close. They’re in the same age”

“NewJeans is so nice”

“Starship is trying to sabotage NewJeans, but they are too nice. It’s the reason why they are the top group.”

“Rey couldn’t participate in “I am.” Hyein was heartbroken when she saw her talking”

“NewJeans looks so gentle in their videos as well”

After only one day, the original post has gathered approximately 45,000 views and netizens are pouring in the comments.

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