K-netizens Discuss Leaked Photos Of BLACKPINK’s Jennie In New Variety Show

K-netizens cannot stop praising Jennie’s beauty

On October 27, a netizen made a post on the popular Korean online community Nate Pann with the title “More Jennie photos from people who witnessed.”

In this post, the netizen also attached 2 photos of Jennie taking part in the new variety show “Apartment 404” with Yoo Jae-seok.

Despite their low quality, Jennie’s beauty and perfect body proportion cannot be hidden.

Even though the concept of the show is not disclosed, the netizen shows his expectations and predicts that the show will be shown at the start of next year.

In the comment section, other Internet users are also flooding in with compliments such as,

  • “Her face is fu***ng small”
  • “Fans have already made fanarts for those two. So fast. They really have golden hands.”
  • “She’s so cute”
  • “It’s so long since she last joined a variety show”
  • As of November 28, the original post has gathered approximately 28,000 views.
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