K-netizen Explains Why They Think “ETA” is NewJeans’ Worst Song (Ft. Reactions) 

A recent post on the online community Pann about NewJeans’ song “ETA” has been gaining attention.

The post reads: “NewJeans’ ETA – I really dislike it. Until now, I liked NewJeans’ songs the most, but “ETA” is genuinely the worst among NewJeans’ songs.

OMG, SuperShy did well overseas, staying at #1 for 50 days. The beat is good and addictive. But “ETA” in Korea, despite initially having 350,000 listeners, has now dropped to 200,000, and even with the popularity of the NewJeans, it’s performing worse than their debut song, “Attention,” overseas.

Cool With You had very few pushes, unlike ETA, which the company promoted heavily, but SuperShy succeeded while ETA flopped, even worse than NewJeans’ B-side tracks.

ETA is the only NewJeans song with a folk feel, which I find outdated. I thought NewJeans was distinctive for being modern, trendy, easy to listen to, and stylish.

But ETA ruined that easy-listening aspect. The squeaky sounds are not just annoying. It feels like listening to trot music, the bass is off, and I can’t even understand what kind of song it is.

Why did Attention, Hype Boy, and Ditto succeed? Because they stuck to the NewJeans style. This time, ETA doesn’t feel like a NewJeans song; it’s just forcibly included in the album.


ETA is the only NewJeans song that feels tacky, and I still can’t listen to it. Both domestically and internationally, ETA received criticism for a reason. 

In the future, NewJeans should stick to easy-listening or hip-hop like Cookie and OMG. I want a trendy girl group, not a gimmicky one.”

Under this post, other netizens left comments:

  • I like it, but everyone has different tastes. It’s just a song. You can simply skip it if you don’t like it. You’re overreacting with your lengthy comment.
  • Normal people just remove songs they don’t like from their playlist. You’re making a big deal out of it.
  • It’s good, but it got overplayed in iPhone ads, so I got tired of it.
  • ETA is really good. I sing it every time I go to karaoke.
  • I can relate to some extent, but you’re writing like a music critic, going on and on. It’s not that serious.

Source: Pann

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