K-drama actor “perfect from head to toe”, yet leads a regrettable love life

The famous actor is even said to be Korea’s “nation’s husband” and praised for his talent and intelligence

“The nation’s husband” that is perfect both in personality and knowledge 

Lee Sang Yoon is a Korean actor born in 1981. Despite not being hailed as a “visual god” like many others from the generation, Lee Sang Yoon manages to make a deep impression with his warm appearance and noticeable height. In addition, his qualifications and personal life are extremely admirable. 

For starters, Lee Sang Yoon is among the few Korean actors to rank first in his school for 12 years straight, and managed to get into Seoul National University – a prestigious university nicknamed as “Korea’s Harvard”. He also scored 370 out of 400 in his university entrance exam, and boasts an IQ score as high as 137. Due to his intense acting schedules and military service, Lee Sang Yoon only graduated from Seoul National University after a long while, with the public respecting him for still completing his education despite difficulties. 

Alongside his impressive resume, the actor is also famous for having a clean personal life. Across 18 years in the acting industry, Lee Sang Yoon has never stumbled upon any scandals, and is said to be an actor with “the cleanest records

A versatile actor who can deliver a wide range of roles 

Of course, intelligence aside, acting abilities are a must when it comes to being an actor. And yet, chemistry major Lee Sang Yoon seems to have no difficulty in whipping out impressive acting performances. The actor started out with extremely minor roles, and only started to gain popularity after the K-drama “My daughter, Seo Young” 5 years after his debut. At the time, Lee Sang Yoon was so popular he started to be nicknamed “the nation’s husband”, and continued his streak of successes, which is full of popular works like “VIP”, “Angel Eyes”, “Second 20s”, “On The Way To The Airport”, and “Whisper”. 

Regrettable love life, single in his 40s 

The nation’s husband”, however, seems to not have much luck in the love department, as he’s still single in his 40s with 2 failed romances. 

Lee Sang Yoon’s first public relationship is with beautiful actress “Nam Sang Mi”, who he met on the set of the sitcom “Some Day”. At the time, the couple received great blessings from netizens, only to go their own ways after 1 year. They cited “busy schedules” as the reason for their breakup, leaving netizens with a lot of regrets. The actor then remained single for years after. 

Later on in 2016, Lee Sang confirmed he’s dating idol-actress UEE, to which his fans rejoiced. However, this relationship only lasted for a meager 9 months, with the breakup being once again due to “busy schedules”. 

Ever since, Lee Sang Yoon hasn’t been spotted dating again. It seems that the actor either decided to be single, or date secretly to avoid public pressure. 

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