JYP family stole the spotlight at idol sports program ISAC 2022 

After 2 years, ISAC 2022 has returned with the appearances of an array of 4th generation Kpop idols. The JYP family, in particular, took the center stage at this year’s idol’s sport festival, leaving netizens excited as they got to see sweet interactions between JYP idols.

Accordingly, JYP idols participating in ISAC 2022 include TWICE’s Dahyun, ITZY, Stray Kids, Xdinary Heroes, and NMIXX. A moment where these idols took a JYP’s “family photo” soon took the internet by storm as such a huge reunion was rarely seen. Furthermore, as fans shouted “JYP”, the idols eagerly shouted back, matching the fans’ energy. 

Dahyun joined ISAC 2022 as the show’s MC. Appearing alone without her members, Dahyun suddenly became the eldest sister. During the photo shoot, Dahyun’s juniors were seen mimicking her pose, making fans melt because of their overloaded adorableness.  

The trio ITZY Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan also had their reunion. Accordingly, Ryujin greeted her senior with a friendly hitch, causing the male idol to fall. Chaeryeong, on the other hand, chose to give his shoulder a little push to show some “brotherly love.” In return to these interactions, during the shooting, Bang Chan slyly untied the female idols’ shoelaces. 

Despite her mischief with Bang Chan, Ryujin was extra caring towards Hyunjin (Stray Kids). Specifically, the female idol gave Hyunjin a careful instruction on ITZY’s “Sneaker”’s choreography, which Hyunjin quickly showed off to his fans after learning the choreo.  

Next up, NMIXX’s Sullyoon also became the talk of town. Ever since her debut, the female idol has been known for her adorable and delicate figure. However, upon her arrival at ISAC, Sullyoon put on an attractive red dress, driving netizens crazy. The female idol also showcased her talents for the first time in the dancesport contest. Technicality aside, Sullyoon’s visual was definitely not to miss. 

As it was shown, this strangely crowded JYP reunion and relaxed interaction is a rare occurrence, swooning netizens with the close relationship among 4th generation idols. 

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