Jung Yong-hwa Recalls His Heyday, “I Thought I’d Be On News If I Coughed, It Was Scary”

On January 15th, BTS’s official YouTube channel “BANGTANTV” uploaded the new episode of “Suchwita” featuring the guest appearance of Jung Yong-hwa.

Jung Yong-hwa’s band CNBLUE was very popular when they debuted in January 2010 with the song “Loner”. Jung Yong-hwa shared, “I felt a lot of pressure, an immense amount of pressure. At that time, the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ did well and ‘Loner’ did well, and ‘We Got Married’ did well, ‘LOVE’ and ‘Intuition’ also succeeded. Back then, I felt a little anxious”. Suga agreed, “I felt the same way”.

Recalling the past, Jung Yong-hwa said, “I wondered, ‘Why is it going well?’, but at the same time, being human, I thought ‘Everything is happening the way I want it to. God must’ve made me a star’. As soon as we debuted, instead of a Rookie award, we received a Daesang”

He continued, “Back then, I even thought that if I coughed, it’d be on the news. That’s what it felt like. Even while I was thinking that, at some point, it got scary. Like there were no brakes, like being in a car that just kept accelerating”, adding “That’s when I thought, ‘This is just… it’s like heat and when the heat cools down what’ll be left?’, and I wrote a lot of songs during that time”.

Jung Yong-hwa

Hearing the story, Suga confessed, “Being hot can’t last forever. Because the career of a singer is shorter than you think. I always think about it. BTS is so hot and doing great right now, but I know it won’t last forever”.

Jung Yong-hwa added, “I thought it would last forever… in the early days of my debut. I held a concert a while ago. Before the tour, I thought about the people who were once fans but aren’t anymore but they can still see me but I can’t see them anymore. I felt a little sad… about that”

Source: Daum

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