Jung Woo-sung Praised For His Good Manners At Recent Movie Stage Greeting

A story showcasing actor Jung Woo-sung’s extraordinary affection for fans has been revealed 

On December 2nd, the stage greeting for “12.12: The Day” was held at a movie theater. Hwang Jung-min, Jung Woo-sung, Park Hoon, and director Kim Sung-soo attended the event and met the audience.

During the event, an unexpected situation occurred and the bodyguard showed up to black an audience. According to witnesses, the actors were sitting on the stage to greet viewers and an audience came in late so the bodyguard told them, “Turn to the back and go that way”.

jung woo sung

Seeing the situation, Jung Woo-sung reportedly told the audience to pass in front of the stage and the actors, “You can go this way if you need to”.

He then turned to the bodyguard with a serious face, saying “We’re here to greet them. You can’t treat them like that!”, emphasizing that they should prioritize the audience. As everyone in the theater cheered loudly, Jung Woo-sung replied, “That’s obvious”

12.12 The Day

The story spread widely on X (formerly Twitter) and received heated responses from netizens.

“12.12: The Day” is a film that portrays the urgent nine hours of the 12 December 1979 military coup with cinematic imagination. On December 4th, the movie ranked first in the box office chart by gathering 1.7 million viewers in three days (Dec 1st to Dec 13th). As the movie has started to go viral, it is expected to become the second ‘10 million’ movie following Ma Dong-seok’s “The Roundup: No Way Out”.

Source: Wikitree

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