Jo Yoon Hee roughly parents.. Panelists’ response at the shocking remark, “Did she say ‘roughly’?”

Jo Yoon Hee expressed her discomfort at her daughter’s “roughly” remarks in the program ‘The kid I raised’ (내가 키운다)

In the JTBC entertainment program ‘Brave Solo Parenting – The kid I raise’, which was broadcast on the 23rd, Jo Yoon Hee took part in a cooking class for her daughter Roa, who was not interested in food and took on the challenge of making dinosaur-shaped cookies.

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During the class, Roa repeated “roughly”, making Jo Yoon Hee bewildered, “This is the first time I heard that from Roa.” Jo Yoon Hee finally couldn’t stand anymore, she asked Roa, “Where did you learn that ‘rough’ word?“, making the panelists in the studio laugh.

Then, in an interview with the production crew, Jo Yoon Hee said, “I roughly parent.” “If I work too hard, I’ll get exhausted, so I told myself not to work as hard as possible.

She said, “In cooking, I also do roughly” and “In cleaning, I also tend to do roughly“, but in the VCR released after, Jo Yoon Hee looked like the world’s hardest worker. The panelists saw this and couldn’t believe it, “Is that called working roughly?”, filling the studio with laughter.

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