Jo Se-ho Dating Office Worker 9 Years Younger Than Him Under Premise Of Marriage

According to Spotify News on January 22nd, Jo Se-ho is dating a beautiful non-celebrity 9 years younger than him on the premise of a marriage.

Jo Se-ho’s girlfriend is an office worker born in 1991, while Jo Se-ho was born in 1982 so the two are 9 years apart. She’s known to be a very beautiful and smart woman.

jo se ho

Thanks to various common things, such as interests in fashion, the two became close to each other then developed into lovers. They have been dating for more than a year.

In particular, Jo Se-ho and his girlfriend recently decided to get married based on their great trust and love for each other. Although the exact date has not been decided, the two are preparing to tie the knot and hold their wedding within this year.

Jo Se-ho has reportedly informed his colleagues and acquaintances of his marriage decision and received warm congratulations.

During the tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” episode featuring Jang Na-ra in December last year, Jo Se-ho asked, “How many invitations should I prepare when I have a wedding?”. Hearing that, Yoo Jae-suk jokingly asked, “Why is Jo Se-ho curious about that? Why are you suddenly asking about wedding invitation?”. Jan Na-ra also wondered, “Are you getting married?”. 

Jo Se-ho won the SBS Gag Contest in 2001 and made a debut as a comedian in the 6th recruitment of SBS. After working for a long time under a stage name, he gained popularity in 2011 with his real name Jo Se-ho. He established his name as a trustworthy comedian through various entertainment programs, such as “You Quiz on the Block”, “Happy Together Season 4”, “Weekly Idol Season 3”, “Hangout With Yoo”, etc. Moreover, he also received compliments for his acting and music skills with several projects.

Source: Daum

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