Jo In-sung Won ‘Blue Dragon’ Best Supporting Actor, “I Want To Give Kim Hye-soo A Warm Hug”

Actor Jo In-sung hugged Kim Hye-soo warmly after winning Best Supporting Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Award

The 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards was held at  KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul on November 24th. On this day, Jo In-sung was awarded with Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the film “Smugglers” (director Ryu Seung-wan).

Holding the trophy in his arms, Jo In-sung mentioned Park Jung-min, his co-star in “Smuggler” who was also nominated in the same category, saying “I’m feeling so sorry for Park Jung-min. I really wanted Jung-min to receive this award. I think something is wrong”, showing his humble attitude.

jo in sung

Confessing his special affection for “Smugglers” team, Jo In-sung said, “I don’t want to fall, I want to be with everyone and I miss you guys so much. I remember crying heavily on the farewell day. It was such a precious memory for me”.

He continued, “I don’t want to miss out on Yeom Jung-ah’s love and sikhye”, adding “And also Kim Hye-soo, who will be the happiest than anyone else. Lastly, if time allows, I want to give her a warm hug”. 

Jo In-sung then came to hug Kim Hye-soo, who is withdrawing from her MC position at the Blue Dragon Film Awards after 30 years. In response, Kim Hye-soo confessed, “I met so many great actors through ‘Smugglers’”, adding “I felt many emotions and learned a lot while working with Jo In-sung. Once again, I sincerely congratulate you”.

Source: Nate

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