Jiyeon received pearl tiara as wedding gift from IU “She always goes beyond my expectations”

Jiyeon revealed that she received a pearl tiara as a wedding gift from IU

On Oct 26th, singer Jiyeon posted a video titled “Wedding Behind Story EP.2” on her YouTube channel.

In the video, Jiyeon and Hwang Jae-kyun reminisced while watching their wedding video. At that time, Hwang Jae-kyun said “I want to have a daughter who resembles me”, eliciting laughter from the guests. Hwang Jae-kyun made Jiyeon laugh as he revealed, “Guess what my dad told me? ‘Why don’t you care about your daughter’s life?'”

Hwang Jae-kyun shared, “Jiyeon told me not to buy a wedding ring. You said it’s just expensive and we won’t always wear it. You hated that. So we ended up not buying the ring and decided on wedding band. I was looking up for wedding band, but suddenly Jiyeon called and said, ‘I found a good wedding band shop in Jongno.'”

He explained, “I told her, “Thanks to you I didn’t have to get the wedding ring, but still, let’s get wedding band from a good shop.’ Then again, she said she can’t put on expensive things. Because she’s worried to wear it. So I said, ‘I’ll find it, just stay still.’ After that, we chose the one from Tiffany & Co. Personally, I always wear it as necklace while playing baseball. In my heart, I want to give you good things. I want to give you beautiful things.”

Then, the wedding ceremony began in earnest, and speeches were given by Hwang Jae-kyun’s father and Jiyeon’s father, followed by speeches from T-ara members Hyomin, Eunjung and Qri. Jiyeon expressed her gratitude to T-ara members, “I thought we should make it fun, so we chose Shin Seung-hun’s ‘I believe’. I thought they’d do it in a fun way, but because of the song, it became emotional. I cried a lot. It’s so touching even when watching it again.”

The congratulatory songs were sung by Lee Hong-ki and IU. Hwang Jae-kyun said, “As for Hong-ki, we were close since I was little so I asked him to sing a congratulatory song. Thankfully, he gladly said okay and he ended up giving us a congratulatory song.” Jiyeon revealed, “I told Ji-eun (IU’s real name) the moment we set the wedding date. It was a year before the wedding. Since it was still a year later, she said, ‘Why are you telling me a year in advance?’ She said she cleared her schedule in advance for that day.”

Jiyeon expressed regret, “Ji-eun gave me a gift. I received it before the wedding started. Back then, my head was too hectic to open gifts, so I didn’t know what it was. After I opened it, it hit me hard. I thought if I opened it after receiving it, I would have wearing the tiara during the bride entrance. It’d be so much more meaningful.”

Jiyeon expressed her gratitude to IU, “Because my birthstone is pearl, so she gave me Tiara with pearls on.” Hwang Jae-kyun explained, “It was so hectic in the wedding hall. There were so many people. We also needed to prepare many things.” Jiyeon added, “That’s right. When she gave me the gift, who’d have thought that it would be a tiara. She’s always a friend who goes beyond my expectations.”

Finally, the two concluded the video by saying, “Please enjoy our videos in the future too. We will do our best to show you how the two of us are living happily together. Please look forward to our videos in the future too.”

Source: naver

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