Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is the highest earning Asian star on Instagram

Jisoo once again affirmed her status on social network as the only Asian artist to make the top of this list.

Net Credit announced the newest figure for the top 10 stars with highest based purely on Instagram in 2021. Jisoo is one of the highest Asian stars to appear on the list. 

Specifically, she earns 18.8 million USD from her Instagram post. She placed 7th above Anitta, Larisss Manoela and Dua Lipa.

Top 10 highest-earning stars on Instagram in 2021 by Net Credit (Image: Net Credit)
Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is the only Asian artist on this list of Net Credit (Photo: In Style)

Along with owning more than 65.2 million followers, Jisoo is also currently the Korean actress with the largest number of followers on the platform. This is also the reason why Jisoo is sought after by many brands, wishing to appear on the female idol’s personal page.

At the 2022 Paris Fashion Week, she immediately entered the top 10 most influential female characters there. Notably, Jisoo did this when she appeared only once in the Dior show where she is a global ambassador. The female idol brought the brand’s media value up to 22.4 million USD in just this appearance.

Source: K14

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