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Actress Jeon So Min actively participates in a Heading Table Tennis on Running Man

Actor Jeon So Min eagerly joins a Heading Table Tennis game on “Running Man”. 

According to SBS on May 20th, in the next episode of SBS entertainment program “Running Man” that will air on the 21st, Jeon So Min will join a game of “head table tennis”. 


Instead of using regular rackets, players have to use their heads to serve and strike a ball. The game promises to bring laughter while showing off the never-before-seen skills of actress Jeon So Min herself. 

Prior to the actual game, Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook volunteer to coach Jeon So Min. At the time, the members of So Min’s praise her to be “an athletic genius”, showing strong support. 


In addition, Kang Hoon joins Jeon So Min’s team for a tennis match. He shows off agile and athletic ability as well as high-quality skills by flying his whole body to block the ball. The episode will air at 6:15 PM (KST) on May 21st.

Source: daum 

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