Jisoo (BLACKPINK) has had a solo song for a long time and this song even reached 1.1 million views?

Jisoo’s solo song was remixed by fans and got a huge number of views, just because no one knows it!

Up to now, Jennie and Rosé have made their solo debut, YG also announced that Lisa is the next.  This means that Jisoo will be the last member to make a solo debut.  Her solo plan will be carried out after completing the filming schedule for the movie Snowdrop.

But few people know that Jisoo has released a solo song that she composed herself since 2018!  The lyrics are very simple and easy to memorize, including only 2 sentences: “Hello, I’m Jisoo. After inhaling helium gas I become like this”

At this point, fans of BLACKPINK will surely realize that this is “the helium song” that Jisoo herself performed in episode 2 of the reality show BLACKPINK HOUSE.  Because of the helium inhalation, the female idol’s voice became towering.  She then happily sang that song.

The fans quickly remixed the song into many versions. However, the most famous is still the song titled Jisoo With Helium Gas (feat. Jennie), which has reached more than 1.1 million views.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) has had a solo song for a long time and this song even reached 1.1 million views?
BLACKPINK – JISOO ‘안녕안녕 나는 지수야(JISOO With Helium Gas)'(feat. JENNIE) Remix by 차현우

Even Jisoo knows the existence of this song.  During a livestream, the visual of BLACKPINK said that she listened to a remix of the helium song and found it interesting because it had a melody.  Immediately this video became extremely hot

This also shows that fans have been looking forward to Jisoo’s solo songs. And if Jisoo is to debut as a solo singer, she will surely achieve the same success as the other members.

Source: YouTube

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