Jeon Somi, secret to 11-shaped abs “Pilates + PT for 6 years”

Singer Jeon Somi revealed the secret to maintaining her 11-shaped abs.

Jeon Somi, STAYC and Kwon Eunbi appeared as guests on the August 19th broadcast of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”. When the topic of weight management came out, Jeon Somi drew sympathy by saying, “The standards are accurate. When I go to see my grandmother, if she says I’m too skinny and tells me to eat, it means that I lost weight. If she says I look good, then I’m in trouble!

jeon somi

When Kang Ho Dong mentioned Jeon Somi’s 11-shaped abs and wondered about her amount of exercise, Jeon Somi replied, “I’m kinda strong. I’ve been doing Pilates and PT 3~4 times a week for 6 years.

After that, Kim Heechul suggested a plank match between STAYC Isa and Jeon Somi. Kwon Eunbi also challenged and an impromptu match took place. Isa was the first to be eliminated after 2 minutes and Jeon Somi gave up 20 seconds later, making Kwon Eunbi the final winner. Kim Heechul joked to the champion Kwon Eunbi, “It’s not Waterbomb, it’s Corebomb.”

Source: Nate

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