Jennie’s busy daily life as CEO “2 hours went by as we were sharing our work and discussing future plans”

BLACKPINK's Jennie revealed the appearance of the head of a one-man agency

On Feb 29th, a video titled “A Day in My Life” was posted on Jennie’s official YouTube channel.

On this day, Jennie shared a vlog capturing her daily life. After filming, Jennie turned on the camera inside the car and said, “I just finished filming for the Apartment 404 show. Going to go home and change. Then head to the office to catch up on work. Today we’re going to watch the first episode (Apartment 404) all together. It’s at 8:40 PM. Since I started the day at 6 AM, it’s going to be a long day.” She then closed her eyes, saying, “I’m going to try sleeping for an hour.

jennie blackpink

Later, at 6 PM, Jennie arrived at the office for a meeting with her colleagues, starting work with small talk. Jennie said “As we were sharing our work with each other, discussing future plans and exchanging opinions, 2 hours went by“, showing a dignified demeanor reminiscent of a leader.

Afterwards, Jennie watched the first airing of “Apartment 4040” with her agency colleagues and friends. “Apartment 404”, Jennie’s first regular entertainment program in 5 years, premiered on tvN on Feb 23rd. Jennie gained confidence from the reactions of her acquaintances. With a comfortable smile, she said, “All the games we did here were so fun.”

jennie blackpink

Meanwhile, at the end of last year, Jennie founded a one-man agency called “ODD ATELIER (OA)”. Announcing the establishment, Jennie stated, “This year was filled with many accomplishments, and I’m so thankful for all the love I’ve received. I’m also excited about what’s to come, as I start my solo journey in 2024 with a company that I have established called OA. Please show lots of love for my new start with OA and of course BLACKPINK.”

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