Jang Wonyoung Wins Lawsuit Against Sojang, 100 Million Won Compensation

On January 17, Starship Entertainment officially announced that they had won the civil lawsuit filed by Jang Won-young against notorious YouTuber Sojang, stating, “The other party did not respond, resulting in a default judgment in our favor.”

“Sojang” is a YouTuber known for spreading false information and malicious rumors about Korean celebrities, causing Starship Entertainment to take a strong legal stance against it in July of last year.

jang won young

According to Starship, they have been pursuing civil and criminal lawsuits against Sojang, both domestically and internationally, since November 2022. 

“Sojang’s continuous dissemination of false information has caused severe damage to our artists’ reputation, disrupted our business, and inflicted serious pain on the artists and fans. We are doing our best to hold them legally accountable throughout the ongoing legal proceedings”, the agency stated.

Starship also revealed that there are two civil lawsuits against Sojang. The civil lawsuit filed by the company is scheduled for a hearing in January, and the one filed by IVE’s Jang Won-young resulted in a default judgment as the other party did not respond.

Additionally, Jang Won-young, who won the lawsuit against Sojang, is set to receive 100 million won (approx 74,000 USD) in compensation. Additionally, Sojang will also have to pay all litigation costs that incurred during the lawsuit. 

Source: Law Times, Daum

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