Jang Won Young condemned by Korean moms for avoiding a boy?

Many users on Mom’s cafe – an internet forum for mothers in Korea, have criticized Jang Won Young for her recent action. 

On July 24th, a topic titled “Mom’s Cafe users are swearing at Jang Won Young” was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate. 

In particular, the topic referred to IVE’s recent trip to Madrid, Spain for a performance there. Here, as IVE members were walking on the street, a small boy suddenly approached Jang Won Young closely and reached out his hand to touch her. Surprised by his action, Jang Won Young moved her body to the side to avoid the boy. 

jang won young

A video capturing Jang Won Young’s reaction has quickly spread through both international and Korean forums, with many defending the female idol. According to these netizens, Jang Won Young had a natural reaction, and bodyguards should have interfered before the boy got that close. 

In particular, users of forums such as Instiz, theqoo, and Pann, defend Jang Won Young by making comments such as, “Parents should teach their children not to approach strangers”, “The flinch is just a natural reaction”, “Instead of criticizing Won Young, parents need to educate their children better”, and “I pity Jang Won Young for being judged for something so small”.

jang won young

However, on Mom’s cafe – a platform for mothers in Korea, users show more mixed responses, with many criticizing Jang Won Young for reacting harshly to “a harmless little boy”. 

Original post: Pann Nate

Below are some comments: 

  • She could have been surprised for real, but why couldn’t she smile at the boy later on? Her expression is unfathomable 
  • It is these moments that reveal her real personality… Jang Won Young never has a friendly character?
  • Isn’t she too harsh to such a harmless little boy? He probably just wanted to greet her? This is why I prefer Jun Ho. He was in the situation, and despite being surprised at first, he smiled broadly after. It’s okay to flinch, but upon realizing that it’s just a fan, shouldn’t she be more friendly? What’s so scary about a small boy?
  • Her gaze is honestly intimidating
  • She won’t lose anything for smiling at him
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