Jang Na-ra’s father Joo Ho-sung, “I’m very pleased and happy with my daughter’s marriage… Future son-in-law is a nice person”

Joo Ho-sung, father of singer-actress Jang Na-ra, expressed his happiness over the news of his daughter’s wedding.

Joo Ho-sung said through YTN Star today (June 3rd), “I’m very pleased and happy that Na-ra is getting married. It was so nice that he (Jang Na-ra’s boyfriend) greeted me from the beginning. He also came to greet the elders last year. That’s how we naturally became close.”

jang nara

Jang Na-ra’s father also showed affection for his soon-to-be son-in-law. He said, “He has a nice personality and so do his parents. Their parents are also really nice. His family background is normal but they are all kind and great”, repeatedly giving compliments.

jang nara

Revealing that Jang Na-ra is preparing for her wedding and carrying out filming schedules at the same time, her father explained, “Na-ra is learning sports for her new work and also preparing for her marriage. She will proceed with the filming after her wedding.”

The wedding is being prepared privately in consideration of Jang Na-ra’s lover, who is a non-celebrity. Joo Ho-sung said, “We try to stay as quiet as possible since Na-ra’s partner is not a celebrity. We are preparing with caution.”

Meanwhile, Jang Na-ra announced her marriage on the same day. On her official website, the actress said, “After two years of dating with a friend who is 6 years younger than me, we have promised to become each other’s partner in life.”

jang nara

Source: Nate

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