The public has begun to trust “drug user” Han Seo Hee more than YG’s former CEO Yang Hyun Suk… YG is likely to collapse 

After many scandals of its artists and suspicions surrounding its former CEO Yang Hyun Suk, YG Entertainment, which used to be a solid castle, is seemingly falling down.

YG’s former CEO Yang Hyun Suk is currently on trial on charges of threatening Han Seo Hee, a former idol trainee, to cover up the drug investigation on iKON’s former member B.I. Accordingly, Han Seo Hee claimed that Yang Hyun Suk threatened her, “Killing you is not a big deal”, and promised to give her money if she reversed her statement. Yang Hyun Suk agreed that he called Han Seo Hee to YG office building but denied the threatening charge. 

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Han Seo Hee is a drug criminal who is in prison. After being sentenced to 4 years on probation for smoking marijuana with Big Bang T.O.P, she continued to get caught taking drugs during her probation period. Later, she was involved in B.I’s drug case. 

The trial seems to be in favor of Yang Hyun Suk. Han Seo Hee was criticized by the judge for her calling Yang Hyun Suk “You trash” in court, while Yang Hyun Suk stayed calm at his place. Nevertheless, the public’s opinion leans toward Han Seo Hee. They believe in the words of a “drug user” instead of those said by “CEO Yang”. Why does the public have no trust in the statements of Yang Hyun Suk and his lawyer?

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Yang Hyun Suk’s behaviors are not clean enough for people to take his side. Yang Hyun Suk stepped down as YG’s CEO in 2019 due to constant controversies, such as the Burning Sun, suspicions of him arranging prostitution for overseas investors, gambling, and interfering with B.I’s drug investigation. The allegations of arranging sexual entertainment were cleared, but the police obtained statements from women in entertainment establishments and some said they got paid. However, it was hard to confirm whether the money was the price of prostitution, the prosecution cleared the charge. This case has already expired and cannot be investigated again.

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Free from allegations related to prostitution, Yang Hyun Suk is still in public doubt, and restoring the public’s trust has become an important task for him.

After Yang Hyun Suk’s resignation from the CEO position, YG stopped there and did not progress although they have the global girl group BLACKPINK. The performance of TREASURE, the latest group raised by Yang Hyun Suk, is disappointing, and the new girl group project is still nowhere to be seen. Even inside the company, they have not yet set a proper direction. While other entertainment companies are moving forward by debuting successful next-generation groups, YG is staying in the same place.

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It was Yang Hyun Suk who created this situation. He may think the public will forget about his controversies, but they still know his past very well. Being disappointed from time to time, the public has begun to lose trust in Yang Hyun Suk. That’s why they turn to believe in the “drug user” Han Seo Hee.

If such suspicions surrounding Yang Hyun Suk are not resolved, it is not easy for him, who is still a major shareholder of YG and is called ‘Chairman’ by YG fans, to regain trust and make an official comeback. YG is in crisis. YG has tried many ways to overcome the crisis, but they have crossed a river that is hard to return and reproduce the glory of their past.

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