Jang Na-ra “It’s hard to see my husband’s face while filming, we support each other’s works”

Actress Jang Na-ra shared her newlywed daily life

On the morning of Dec 21st, the press conference of TV Chosun’s new weekend mini-series “My Happy Ending” was held at Stanford Hotel in Sangam-dong, Seoul. Jang Na-ra, Son Ho-jun, So Yi-hyun, Lee Ki-taek, Kim Hong-pa, Park Ho-san and director Jo Soo-won attended the event.

Jang Na-ra, who got married to a cinematographer 6 years younger than her last year, smilingly talked about her newlywed life, “It’s all the same. I’m working hard while filming.”

jang nara

She continued, “Since my husband is also doing a similar job, it’s hard to see each other often due to both of us working. However, it’s harmonious when we see each other, and we support each other’s works. In fact, he’s eagerly waiting for the drama’s airing because I don’t reveal the story specifically with him.”

jang nara

“My Happy Ending” tells the story of a woman who chases after success due to her unfortunate childhood, and tries to escape from her desires and obsessions.

“My Happy Ending” will premiere on Dec 30th.

Source: Daum

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