Jang Na Ra and Son Ho Joon to reunite in new thriller drama “My Happy End”

Jang Na Ra, Son Ho Joon, So Yi Hyun, and Lee Ki Taek confirmed their appearance in the new series “My Happy End”

TV Chosun’s upcoming weekend miniseries “My Happy End” is a human psychological thriller about a woman, who only focuses on pursuing success, facing a shocking truth due to the betrayal of people she trusts.

Director Jo Soo Won, who was named “hitmaker guaranteeing success” for achieving good ratings & topic results with popular dramas such as “I Can Hear Your Voice”, “Pinocchio”, “Thirty But Seventeen”, and “Doctor John”, will take the megaphone for this new project, raising viewers’ anticipation.

First, Jang Na Ra is expected to play Seo Jae Won, CEO of a household furniture brand “Drev” that generates hundreds of billions of won in annual sales and an influencer with more than 1 million followers. Attention is focused on the new image Jang Na Ra, who has done all kinds of genres, will show through Seo Jae Won, who faces the reality of secrets hidden by people surrounding her.

Jang Nara

Son Ho Joon takes on the role of Seo Jae Won’s husband Heo Soon Young, a freelance designer and an industrial design professor. The kind and easy-going Heo Soon Young never gets angry and always prioritizes family. He does his best to be an affectionate husband and a caring father who is like a friend to his child. Recognized for his emotional acting skills in both movies and dramas, Son Ho Joon will captivate small-screen viewers with a transformation they have never seen before.

Son Ho-joon

So Yu Hyun will play Kwon Yoon Jin, Seo Jae Won’s friend at art college and an art college assistant professor. This character begins to envy Seo Jae Won as they reunite after she faces failures. Expectations are high on how Kwon Yoon Jin will look like through the portrayal of So Yu Hyun. 

Lee Ki Taek appears as Yoon Te Oh, general manager of “Drev”. He rejects all offers from big companies to join Seo Jae Won’s furniture brand. Building an impressive filmography by starring in “The Devil Judge”, “Three Bold Siblings”, etc., Lee Ki Taek plans to showcase unexpected charms and deeper emotional lines in this new work.

The production team shared, “With their appearance confirmation, actors with solid acting skills like Jang Na Ra, Son Ho Joon, So Yi Hyun and Lee Ki Taek will create amazing synergy with director Jo Soo Won”, adding “Please look forward to ‘My Happy End’ as it will present a completely new charm with deeper content and more thrilling tension.”

“My Happy End” is scheduled to air its first episode in the second half of 2023.

Source: Daum

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