20 most searched KPOP male idols in America during the first half of 2021: BTS’s dominance, Hyun Jin (Straykids) caused controversies

Let’s take a look at the TOP20 KPOP male idols whose names were searched the most on Google in the U.S during the first half of 2020.

Along with the global success of KPOP, idol boy groups always want to enter the U.S market. If a male idol is recognized in the U.S market, he would gain many benefits. As a result, KPOP fans have always been curious to see whether their idols are famous in this market.

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In fact, there are many ways to measure the popularity of a KPOP idol. Therefore, The Google Search section is one of the websites that could give out the most precise results. Recently, based on Google’s data, netizens have sorted out TOP 20 KPOP male idols whose names were most searched on Google in the U.S

20th place: Mark (NCT / SuperM)

mark nct 3917391731 scaled 1

19th place: Lucas (NCT / SuperM)


18th place: Jaehyun (NCT)

jaehyun nct 23173179391739713 scaled 1

17th place: Taeyong (NCT / SuperM)

nct taeyong

16th place: Yeonjun (TXT)


15th place: Kai (EXO / SuperM)


14th place: Baekhyun (EXO / SuperM)

baekhyun exo 982793713917313131

13th place: Wonho


12th place: Bangchan (Stray Kids)


11th place: Felix (Stray Kids)


10th place: Taemin (SHINee / SuperM)


9th place: G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

g dragon 3279273861836183613

8th place: Hyunjin (Stray Kids)


7th place: J-Hope (BTS)


6th place: Jin (BTS)

jin bts 3u29379173917931 scaled 1

5th place: RM (BTS)

rm bts 83927391937197313 scaled 1

4th place: Suga (BTS)


3rd place: Jimin (BTS)

jimin bts 2389729316361937293 scaled 1

2nd place: V (BTS)


1st place: Jungkook (BTS)

jungkook bts 2380139731038013 scaled 1

Some comments by Korean netizens:

– BTS is incredible!

– Won Ho?? This is crazy!!!

– BTS is the most favorite boy group among them all

– This is the reason why JYP couldn’t let Hyun Jin go…

– Wow Tae Min is so great!!!

– Hmm, it seems like Stray Kids is really famous in foreign countries!!

– Was it because of GD’s dating rumor? But he’s still famous anyway…

– GD is so amazing; his popularity is still on top even though it’s been a long time since his last album or promotional content.

– I don’t think people search for Hyun Jin because he is famous, but it’s due to his bullying scandal

– This is just the result in the first half of 2021, right? GD was most searched because of his dating rumor and it was the bullying scandal in Hyun Jin’s case.

– Wow… Yeon Jun is also on the list!

– But NCT didn’t chart as high as I thought. It seems like they are not really famous in the U.S!

– It is because of Hyun Jin’s bullying scandal that he was mostly searched.

– BTS is the No.1 in any country… V is the most searched in Korea and Jung Kook is No.1 in the U.S!

– All the members of BTS were listed in the chart!!! BTS is just so amazing!

– It’s definitely BTS when it comes to the U.S market! You would see the gap if more detailed data was released.

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