WINNER Kim Jinwoo puts swear words on his Instagram, this is the reason why

WINNER member Jinwoo expressed his gratitude for fans’ affection in quite a peculiar way.

On August 2nd, Kim Jinwoo, a member of YG boy group WINNER, uploaded to his Instagram story a screenshot of a conversation between his fans on Twitter. In particular, the fans were conversing about a broadcast Jinwoo appeared on.


The photo showed a fan posting a photo of Jinwoo with the caption, “Oppa, please don’t go to the military”, while another fan responded, “He had already gone there, [swear word], what are you talking about.” The original poster then replied, embarrassed: “[Swear word], I’m sorry.”

Seeing this, Kim Jinwoo showed an unexpected reaction to this use of profanity, and added a heart emoticon along with the caption: “You guys talk lovingly”.

Jinwoo enlisted back in February 2020, received basic military training, and then served as a social worker. He was discharged on December 31st, 2021.


On July 5th, WINNER released their 4th mini album “HOLIDAY” after Jinwoo and fellow member  Lee Seunghoon were discharged from their military service, marking the group’s return as a whole. Meanwhile, remaining members Kang Seungyoon and Song Minho are about to enlist soon. 

On July 5th, Winner released a full album with their 4th mini album ‘HOLIDAY’ after Kim Jinwoo and Lee Seunghoon were discharged from the military. Kang Seung-yoon and Song Min-ho are about to enlist.


Source: Dispatch

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