Jang Do Yeon, femme fatale charm that makes Son Seok Gu’s heart pound

Comedian Jang Do Yeon’s beauty is in the prime.

On August 9th, Jang Do Yeon delivered her status after a long time by releasing photos of herself waiting for a broadcast recording.

Jang Do Yeon caught the eye with her simple yet sophisticated style. The styling that further emphasized Jang Do Yeon’s 174 cm height and doll-like body ratio drew admiration. Shinkiru caused laughter by blaming Jang Do Yeon, “I also took a picture there, but I can’t upload it.”

jang do yeon

Jang Do Yeon was recently chosen as Son Seok Gu’s ideal type. Besides, she formed a strange atmosphere with Lee Dong Wook and is exuding a femme fatale charm.

On a web entertainment show featuring Jang Do Yeon, Lee Dong Wook said, “You’ve gotten much prettier. I know you’re pretty.” To Lee Dong Wook’s flirting, Jang Do Yeon asked, “When are you going to confess?” Lee Dong Wook made everyone’s hearts flutter by answering, “Soon?

jang do yeon

Son Seok Gu said that he likes bright people and chose Jang Do Yeon as his ideal type. In a recent interview, Son Seok Gu confessed, “Of course, I want to meet Jang Do Yeon if I have a chance. But please don’t mention it too much. She’ll feel burdened.”

Meanwhile, Jang Do Yeon is currently appearing on MBC’s “Adventure by Accident 2” and E Channel’s “Korea After School: Field Trip 2”.

Source: Daum

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