IZ*ONE Kim Chae Won joined HYBE and is scheduled to be in the lineup of Source Music’s new girl group

Kim Chae Won, formerly IZ*ONE’s member, is now under HYBE LABELS and is going to greet fans with a new girl group.

According to an exclusive report from Star News, on August 17, Kim Chae Won officially signed a contract with HYBE LABELS.

Kim Chae Won will be a member of the new girl group that HYBE LABELS’s subsidiary, Source Music, is planning to debut.

In late June, Kim Chae Won has been confirmed to be transferred from Woollim Entertainment to HYBE. The contract between the two companies was carried out confidentially.

The new girl group is planned to have 5 members and will include 2 or 3 members from IZ*ONE. Some of the members might not be the finalists in IZ*ONE, but they are the promising girls who did appear on “Produce 48”.

Japanese member, Sakura, is also planned for the new girl group. However, her joining is being delayed due to problems in negotiations between HYBE and her side from Japan. Moreover, another member of IZ*ONE might not join the girl group because she is more interested in acting than singing.

HYBE labels
Miyawaki Sakura

If the girl group is launched as planned, HYBE LABELS will have a new girl group to replace the disbandment of GFRIEND. In addition, Source Music will have a group that consists of most of IZ*ONE member after IZ*ONE disbanded. The new girl group, which has a high connection to IZ*ONE, is receiving high expectations from Korean, Japanese, and global markets.

HYBE labels

Meanwhile, IZ*ONE, a girl group that received great love in Korea and Japan, disbanded in late April. Kwon Eun Bi will be the first former member of IZ*ONE to release her first solo album on August 24. Choi Ye Na will also release her solo album in the second half of this year.

HYBE labels
Kwon Eunbi
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