IVE’s An Yujin Harassed by FENDI Director? Hand Placement Angers Fans

The hand placement of FENDI director Kim Jones on IVE’s Ahn Yujin has sparked angered among netizens and fans alike. 

On February 21 (local time), a video of IVE’s An Yujin standing with FENDI’s creative director Kim Jones at the 2024 FENDI Fashion Week was published on the SNS platform X (formerly Twitter). 

In the video, the FENDI director can be seen hugging An Yujin closely and placing his hand on her hips, even sliding it in a questionable manner. 

As a result, fans have expressed their anger at the director’s action, and a post  on X with the caption “He need(s) to move that f*cking hand” received over 40,000 likes and 1.5 million views.

On the Korean side, reactions are also negative, as netizens left scathing comments on a related topic published on the Korean forum Instiz. 

Below are some comments from Korean and global netizens:

  • He is basically harassing her… That’s so creepy?
  • Even for a foreigner this is too much, shouldn’t he place his hand on her waist? 
  • What the hell is he doing??
  • What happened to a hover hand, a shoulder hold, or literally a million other options before the creepiest one?
  • Manner hands need to be implemented everywhere cuz wtf is that
  • That’s way too fcking low and they’re too fcking close hello??? She kinda looks uncomfy for a sec there

Source: Instiz, X

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