World star idol groups, all members renew contract “Overcome 7-year curse”

World-class idol stars have collectively renewed their contracts, bringing forth joyful news

YG Entertainment, the agency of BLACKPINK members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa, announced on Dec 6th that they signed exclusive contracts for group activities after careful discussions, expressing plans for active activities, including mega world tour and new album release.

Following BLACKPINK’s full-group contract renewal, YG Entertainment’s executive producer Yang Hyun-suk expressed happiness, stating that he looks forward to continuing their journey together. BLACKPINK, since their debut in 2016, has become a global powerhouse, achieving milestones like being the first K-pop girl group to become a double million seller and topping the U.S. “Billboard 200”.

All 7 members of BTS also signed renewed contracts. BTS, debuting under Big Hit Music in 2013, rose to global stardom, breaking records on charts worldwide. After their first contract renewal in 2018, they continued to dominate the global music scene, earning Grammy nominations and awards at prestigious ceremonies.


Dreamcatcher announced in November 2022 that all members had renewed their contracts, emphasizing their trust in the agency. Dreamcatcher, known for their unique rock-metal concept, has garnered international acclaim.

JYP Entertainment shared in July 2022 that all TWICE members had successfully renewed their contracts. TWICE, debuting in 2015, has become a K-pop representative girl group, achieving numerous awards, massive album sales and international recognition.

Seventeen, under Pledis Entertainment, renewed their contracts with all 13 members in July 2021. Since their debut in 2015, Seventeen has secured a strong position both domestically and internationally, topping charts and receiving nominations and awards at prestigious ceremonies.

The renewals signify the enduring success of these idol groups, not only in the Korean music industry but also on a global scale. Their achievements in music, awards and global popularity continue to grow, solidifying their positions as leaders in the K-pop industry.

Source: Daum

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