IVE shows they are BLACKPINK fans by singing to Boombayah while dancing and jumping around

IVE’s cover of Boombayah is receiving much attention. 

IVE is currently one of the most outstanding 4th generation rookie girl groups of Kpop. Known for the pretty lineup with no visual hole, but IVE often comes under controversy over their skills, especially vocals. So whenever IVE members do covers of other groups’ songs, netizens have mixed reactions. 

Yujin, Rei and Leeseo’s Boombayah cover

Recently, on the show IDOL VS IDOL, if Liz, Wonyoung, Gaeul drew attention with their cover of BLACKPINK’s Forever Young, Yujin, Rei and Leeseo chose to sing BLACKPINK‘s debut hit Boombayah. IVE members show they are total BLINKs by singing to Boombayah while excitedly dancing and jumping around. 

IVE Rei-Boombayah
Rei stands out in the Boombayah cover with her rap 

Rei receives plenty of compliments for doing a good job covering Jennie‘s rap verse. Meanwhile, netizens are not so impressed with Yujin and Leeseo’s vocals and suggest they receive more vocal training. 

However, fans say IVE might not sound stable because they were only doing the cover for fun. Thus, there’s no need for netizens to be harsh on them. 

Some netizens’ comments on IVE’s cover: 

  • Rei’s rap is so good
  • They need to improve their vocals
  • Only Rei’s rap sounds good 
  • Stop comparing a cover to the original. IVE was only having fun. It’s not that serious. 
  • I think the cover is fine. This was only an impromptu cover on the show, don’t be harsh on them. 
  • Watching this cover makes me appreciate Rosé’s vocals more

Boombayah is the debut track that introduced BLACKPINK’s name to the world 

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