BLACKPINK Rosé enters Variety’s “Power of Young Hollywood Impact Report” of 2022

American magazine Variety listed BLACKPINK Rosé as a top impact global star.

The American media site Variety recently released a list of 25-and-under actors, musicians and content creators who are making their marks on a business that is evolving and changing, but still puts a premium on raw talent.

Amidst stars from hit films and blockbuster series like “Reversation Dogs” and “Stranger Things”, BLACKPINK Rosé also made the list. 

Rose Blackpink

In particular, Rosé was named as a New Zealand-born artist, and described her as “member of all-conquering K-Pop group BLACKPINK, who is 25 and “familiar with the weight of expectations”. 

Variety also quoted Rosé’s philosophy regarding her solo career, which launched in 2021 with “On The Ground”. In particular, Rosé said: “There are times when it feels like a lot of pressure, but it’s what drives us to create new sounds and push ourselves.” 

blackpink rose

The BLACKPINK member also added: “I’m constantly exploring new ideas and sound. It differs from BLACKPINK’s [music] in the sense that it is still in the process of defining itself.” 

Rosé also claimed that experimentation is key and that her solo debut feels “very empowering”, saying: “There are so many genres that I’ve always wanted to explore.” 

Source: variety

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