IVE rises strongly, beats BTS and aespa to rank No.2 in Idol Chart’s “Acha Ranking”

Girl group IVE imprinted their presence with a tremendous run in Idol Chart’s “Acha Ranking”.

Following No.1 IU, IVE ranked 2nd with a total of 6,556 points in “Acha Ranking” in the first week of December (announced on December 18th). 

Idol Chart's "Acha Ranking"

IVE is a girl group that includes Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung from IZ*ONE. Since their debut on December 1st, they have been performing tremendously on the stage of year-end music awards ceremonies.

Idol Chart's "Acha Ranking"

IU and IVE were respectively followed by BTS (6,455 points), aespa (5,244 points), BE’O (4,286 points), Lim Young-woong (3,458 points) and TWICE (3,148 points).

Idol Chart's "Acha Ranking"
Idol Chart's "Acha Ranking"
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