IU surprises fans by suddenly visiting the exhibition in marshmallow custom, “I danced but no one recognized me”

Singer IU prepared a surprise event for her fans.

On August 25th, the YouTube channel “IU Official” uploaded a video titled “All of a sudden, a Marshmallow was my bias?”.

That day IU visited the exhibition she prepared for a month to commemorate her 15th debut anniversary and held a surprise event for fans. Her mission was to wear a marshmallow custom and communicate with UAENA (IU’s fandom) without getting caught.

Heading to where her fans were standing, IU said, “I’m a little nervous”. She even danced right in front of UAENA but no one noticed her. In the end, IU left the exhibition, saying “Nobody cares about me”.

She confessed, “I’m so beat… I even danced but no one recognized me”, adding “But one or two asked, ‘Are you really IU?’, ‘You are?’”.

At that moment, IU suddenly came up with an idea. She said, “How about… I appear wearing the mask and ring the golden bell?”, then headed back to the exhibition.

IU approached some fans and they were very surprised after recognizing her. She told them, “Buy everything you want. It’s on me. But be silent and don’t make it obvious”. Seeing fans with their hands full of MDs, IU praised them, saying “Good job”.

Later, IU took off her mask and revealed her identity. She greeted fans who came to the exhibition with a tight hug.

In the end, she shared, “It was so tough. No matter how hard I try to get noticed, no one would look at me”, adding “UAENA were enjoying it very much. It was a very happy month”.

Source: Daum

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