IU sang the congratulations song at Lee Ji-hoon – Ayane’s wedding

Singer/actor Lee Ji-hoon and non-celebrity Japanese Miyura Ayane recently had a wedding amid many acquaintances’ congratulations.

On November 8th, Lee Ji-hoon and Ayane got married in Raum, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The ceremony was held privately with only the two families’ members and acquaintances attending.

lee ji hoon Ayane

A video that showed Lee Ji-hoon in a white tuxedo and bride Ayane in a pure white dress marching in celebration of guests is gaining popularity on online communities. At the reception, Lee Ji-hoon and Ayane in black & red looks compared to pure white wedding dresses drew attention.

Singer IU was in charge of the wedding song. IU wore a neat jacket and sang her hit song “The Meaning of You” enthusiastically, impressing all the guests.

Before singing the wedding song, IU said, “I came with joy because sunbaenim asked me if I could sing the wedding song on an important day of his a few months ago,” adding, “Thank you for inviting me to a beautiful wedding and I hope you live happily for a longer time.”

Lee Ji-hoon and IU got to know each other through KBS 2TV’s weekend drama “The Best Lee Soon-shin,” which aired in 2013.

Along with IU, another musical actor named Kai also drew attention by singing the wedding song. After all the ceremonies, Ayane said on her Instagram, “Thank you. I’ll live well. Lee Ji-hoon and wife,” posting a video of her holding hands tightly with Lee Ji-hoon, who is driving.

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