ITZY Yuna shows off her top-tier body among female Kpop idols in tight leggings 

ITZY Yuna drew attention by showing off her superior physique while leggings that emphasized her body line.

Recently, ITZY Yuna showed a next-level body while boarding her plane via Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport. On this day, Yuna drew attention by showing off her hourglass body, just as every time she walked in a knitted outfit. 

Nicknamed the “pelvic goddess”, Yuna boasted a curvy physique with a broad hip line and narrow waist.

Yuna’s top-tier body is also proven in a choreography practice video uploaded to ITZY’s YouTube channel back in April.

Here, Yuna was wearing a cropped T-shirt with leggings and showing off her perfect lower body and slim legs, impressing netizens. The female idol, who is 170cm tall and weighs 46.8kg, stimulated protective instincts in fans with her ant-size waist line. 

Seeing Yuna’s body, netizens started raving, calling her a “goddess”, “the queen of maknaes”, and “the female idol with the best figure”. 

Meanwhile, ITZY’s latest MV “SNEAKERS” has surpassed 100 million views on YouTube.

With this achievement, ITZY now boasts a total of 7 music videos with over 100 million views, including “Dalla Dalla”, “ICY”, “Wannabe”, “Not Shy”, “Mafia in the Morning”, “LOCO”, and of course, “SNEAKERS”.

Source: insight

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