ITZY Pledge to Perform U-Go-Girl as a Group on Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet if Invited

On January 10th, ITZY, who recently made a comeback with their new mini-album ‘BORN TO BE,’ appeared as guests on MBC FM4U’s ‘Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope.’

ITZY released their new mini-album ‘BORN TO BE’ on January 8th, featuring a total of 10 tracks including the title track ‘UNTOUCHABLE.’

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Kim Shin-young commented, “There are 10 songs in the album. I thought it might be a full-length album. Weren’t you greedy? You could have added one more song and made it a full-length album.” In response, ITZY members stated, “When we looked at the number of songs in the album, we thought it might not be a full-length album. This time, we wanted to show our fans a lot, so we prepared on a larger scale.”

Additionally, Yuna and Yeji rated the difficulty of the choreography for ‘UNTOUCHABLE’ at 75 out of 100, while Chaeryeong gave it a lower score of 70, saying, “I find this dance easy to follow.” On the other hand, Ryujin confessed, “I think it’s the most challenging dance.”


ITZY members also shared news about their concert in Seoul on February 24th and 25th, which marks the beginning of their world tour. Chaeryeong expressed her intention to see more fans than before, saying, “I plan to see more fans than last time. I want to go wherever the fans are.” When asked if there’s a country they want to visit, Ryujin responded, “I want to go everywhere, but if I mention one place, it might hurt others’ feelings,” showing empathy with Chaeryeong’s desire to go anywhere fans are.

Regarding a question about participating in Lee Hyori’s ‘Red Carpet’ on KBS 2TV’s new music talk show ‘The Seasons,’ Yuna, who gained attention for her performance of ‘U-Go-Girl’ at a past music festival, expressed her gratitude and eagerness, saying, “I would be very grateful if invited. I respect her so much that I would be very nervous. If she calls me, I would love to do ‘U-Go-Girl’ and prepare a new song.” Other members also shared the honor they would feel if invited, and when Kim Shin-young suggested a group performance of ‘U-Go-Girl,’ they responded positively, saying, “That would be great.”

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