It’s the last episode of “My Liberation Notes”, will Lee El and Lee Ki-woo get married?

JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama “My Liberation Notes” has reached its last chapter.

On May 29th, “My Liberation Notes,” which is about to end, shows how the three siblings and Koo (Son Seok-goo) are still on their way to the search for happiness in life. Viewers are highly expecting on whether the moment of liberation will come to them.

In the last episode, the three siblings were depicted spending their daily lives that have changed over time. Koo, who was gradually breaking down due to alcohol, rediscovered his way of enduring life after reuniting with Yeom Mi-jung (Kim Ji-won). Yeom Mi-jung also did not fall to the bottom of her life thanks to Koo. The images of the three siblings and Koo, who are taking steps forward again despite their hard lives, left a heavy echo.

My Liberation Notes

What will be the ending of their liberation journey? Yeom Chang-hee (played by Lee Min-ki) shed tears as he realized his place after a long time. He reunited with Ji Hyun-ah (played by Jeon Hye-jin), who he had broken up with. Viewers wonder what kind of conversation happened between them as they walked on the street with such calm faces and how Yeom Chang-hee’s life would go.

My Liberation Notes

The relationship between Yeom Mi-jung and Koo is getting deeper and deeper. When they are together, they smile the brightest. Fans are excited by how they are so comfortable with each other. Yeom Ki-jung (played by Lee El) and Cho Tae-hoon (played by Lee Ki-woo), who want to get married, also have their own sweet atmosphere. Cho Tae-hoon, who visited Yeom Ki-jung, can be seen smiling brightly under her window while Yeom Ki-jung also looks at him with a pleasant smile. Fans can’t wait to see how their relationship will be in the final episode.

My Liberation Notes

The final episode of “My Liberation Note,” which will air on May 29th, will show how the three siblings and Koo are slowly welcoming spring after the cold winter. The preview of the final episode, which was released earlier, raised expectations with a variety of stories, ranging from the deepening relationship between Yeom Mi-jung and Koo, the reunion of the members of the Liberation Club, Yeom Ki-jung, who is struggling with love, and Yeom Chang-hee, who is reaching a turning point in life.

My Liberation Notes

However, Koo’s words at the end of the video raised curiosity as he said, “I’m never happy. So, please give me a little punishment. As “My Liberation Note” permeated the hearts of viewers with warm comfort and empathy, many is focusing on how the story will end.

My Liberation Notes

The production team said, “We were able to reach the final episode thanks to the audience’s love. We would like to express our deep gratitude. We hope it will remain a drama that gives everyone small comfort and support every time they have to be through the cold seasons of their life. Please stay with Yeom Ki-jung, Yeom Chang-hee, Yeom Mi-jung and Koo’s story until the end.”

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