Is this the real reactions of North Korean audiences towards Red Velvet’s performance?

Audiences’ reactions towards Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” stage surprised many fans.

Red Velvet, North Korea, Bad Boy
Red Velvet, North Korea, Bad Boy

Recently, Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” performance in North & South Korea Joint Concert, which took place a short time ago, has been re-posted by the newspaper. The reason for these re-posts was the audiences’ unenthusiastic and indifferent expressions towards the girlgroup’s stages, which were both attractive (“Bad Boy”) and adorable (“Red Flavor”).
These reactions totally contrasted to the previously reported news, which stated: “North Korean audiences raised their hands above their heads to clap along with Red Velvet’s performances”.

Red Velvet, North Korea, Bad Boy
North Korean audiences were quite indifferent to one of the hottest girlgroups in Kpop

North Korean audiences were quite indifferent to one of the hottest girlgroups in Kpop
In comment section, netizens assume that it was because Red Velvet’s song lyrics are relatively hard to understand, and may be the group’s music genre is not popular in North Korea. Therefore, it was difficult for the audiences to get excited and scream out loud as South Korea’s fans do. In addition, netizens also consider that G-Friend seems to be a better choice in these events, as G-Friend’s music is purer and more ear-catching as to both melodies and lyrics.
– I personally think Girlfriend would’ve been a decent choice as well, song wise… They have a lot of songs that would appeal to them melody and lyric-wise… I can barely understand what ‘Red Taste’ and ‘Bad Boy’ are myself, I can’t imagine what they were thinking while listening to it.. ㅠ
– Their faces look like “why would anyone be curious about what the color red is supposed to taste like”…
– I think they would’ve made those faces no matter who the idol was ㅋㅋ Imagine if you put trot singers in front of a generation that enjoys hip hop or dance music… you’d see these exact facial expressions ㅋㅋ
– They just look blank, like they’re watching a documentary..
– I’m watching this right now and during Baek Ji Young, Lee Sun Hee, or Yoon Do Hyun’s stages, the audience looks.. comfortable? Satisfied? Some were even slightly smiling… but they went stone cold when Red Velvet came out, almost to the point where I felt bad for them ㅜ.ㅜ just totally blank expressions

Sources: netizenbuzz

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