Is JYP wasting TWICE Tzuyu’s potential? Tzuyu’s mother hinted she might not renew her contract with JYP 

The injustices Tzuyu suffered from JYP Entertainment made fans angry. Netizens are also suspecting Tzuyu will leave JYP once her contract expires. 

Tzuyu, a member of the girl group TWICE, is always mentioned as one of the most popular visuals today. However, her career was not paid much attention by JYP, leading to inferiority compared to other female idols. Even the number of occasions she was treated unfairly did not decrease after so many years in operation. 

Twice Tzuyu
Tzuyu owns the beauty among the top of K-pop’s 3rd generation. 

Recently, fans were outraged when JYP acted unprofessionally with Tzuyu. Specifically, Tzuyu is absent from the behind the scenes of Japanese DVD’s solo MV More&More. Although the female idol’s name still appears, her face is nowhere to be seen. This sloppy and careless post-production segment of the Japanese staff made fans angry and had to speak out for justice.

Twice Tzuyu
In the video introducing each member, there is no sign of Tzuyu. 

Facing a wave of strong condemnation from the ONCE community and Tzuyu’s fans only, TWICE Japan apologized for the mistakes. “We sincerely apologize for causing inconvenience and discomfort to the members and those involved, and also to the fans who have always supported us. In the future, we will pay our best attention to avoid this happening and try not to let the incident happen again,” the representative of the crew said.

The fact that Tzuyu’s image is left out in the behind-the-scenes video not only made fans angry, but the female idol’s mother also expressed her displeasure. Tzuyu’s mother retweeted a video with a bewildered state. She wrote:  “I’m very puzzled…Why is this? How can a big company make such a serious mistake?. I can’t understand. I’m almost dumbfounded. Is this negligence or intentional? It’s just a mistake, isn’t it?”

Twice Tzuyu mother
Tzuyu’s mother is disgruntled at the company’s negligence.

In another post, Tzuyu‘s mother added:  “When you meet the wrong person, just turn your back and walk away, you are a smart person.” This confused many fans. Rumors that Tzuyu will leave JYP when her contract expires has spread again and makes people believe that this is entirely possible.

During the process of working with TWICE, Tzuyu was considered the most unfairly treated member. The female idol often has little screen time in the group MVs despite her top visuals.

6 years into her career, Tzuyu has not participated much in variety shows. Her solo activities are quite limited, especially in the music field. 

When she began to have opportunities in fashion, TWICE’s maknae encountered many mixed opinions. Her magazine covers are not appreciated due to her unimpressive outfits and pose. 

Tzuyu‘s solo gigs in fashion resources compared to the other two 3rd gen top visuals, Jisoo and Irene, are also less outstanding. Recently, Tzuyu was selected as the muse for fashion brand ZOOC. However, with Tzuyu’s stunning visuals and figure, fans think she deserves to have endorsement deals with bigger and more impactful brands to expand her coverage in fashion and modeling. 

Twice Tzuyu
Tzuyu became the muse for a fashion brand but could not leave much impact

Fans have repeatedly asked JYP to not waste Tzuyu’s potential. They also think that if JYP focused on pushing Tzuyu sooner and gave her more chance to show off her aura, Tzuyu would be considered a top female idol not only in Korea but also globally by now. 

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