IMDb ratings of 5 popular K-dramas released exclusively on OTT platforms in 2022

Among OTT K-dramas released this year, which one is the highest-rated on IMDb so far? 

The K-drama craze has been taking over not only domestic but also worldwide online streaming platforms such as TVING, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, etc. Pachinko, Juvenile Justice, and more, are among the most well-received and top-rated K-dramas released exclusively on these OTT services in the first months of 2022. Let’s take a look at the IMDb scores of 5 most outstanding OTT Korean TV series this year to see which one draws the most positive reviews. 

5th place: Monstrous – 6.6

Despite being heavily promoted and starring a stellar cast including Goo Kyo Hwan, Shin Hyun Bin, Kwak Dong Yeon, and Nam Da Reum, TVING’s Monstrous, the 6-episode supernatural horror series still fell short of expectations due to an inconsistent plot and a rushed ending, leaving many things unexplained due to its limited length, resulting in a rating of only 6.6.


4th place: Soundtrack #1 – 7.9

Disney+’s friends-to-lovers romance music drama Soundtrack #1 received a rating of 7.9 on IMDb, which is pretty high. In addition to a well-written plot, a comforting theme, the natural acting and chemistry between the two leads, Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee are also the key to the drama’s success. With only 4 episodes that last about 45 minutes each, Soundtrack #1 can be binge-watched in one go like a complete movie and guarantees to leave viewers satisfied with its happy ending. 

soundtrack #1

3rd place: Juvenile Justice – 8

The 3rd highest-rated OTT drama on this list is Netflix’s original series Juvenile Justice, the winner of Best TV Script at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards. Led by the iconic Kim Hye Soo with flawless acting from every cast member, Juvenile Justice stood out in this year’s drama race with its well-executed directing, pacing, and brilliantly written plot on a complicated, hard-hitting legal topic surrounding underaged offenders. Therefore, a rating of 8 is absolutely deserving. 

juvenile justice

3rd place: The Sound Of Magic – 8 

Before discussing the content of The Sound Of Magic, it is necessary to give a compliment the soundtrack, cinematographic effects as well as the CG of this drama. Those elements of The Sound Of Magic are at a perfect level.

the sound of magic

The storyline about how people can rely on magic to overcome dark moments in life is conveyed quite gently and interestingly. The female lead Choi Sung Eun has surprisingly good acting skills, in addition to the perfect performance of Ji Chang Wook and Hwang In Yeop.

the sound of magic

1st place: Pachinko – 8.5

Since the project was announced, many netizens think Pachinko is a picky drama. However all the episodes were aired, it doesn’t only attract the attention of the public, but the meaning and life lessons are also delivered excellently.


Pachinko is carefully invested by Apple TV. Lee Min Ho also had an impressive “makeover” and rookie star Kim Min Ha also received many compliments. Pachinko’s score of 8.5 on IMDb is really worthy of what the drama has brought to viewers.


Source: Dienanh

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