A male idol who recorded “Please leave it at the front door” when a fan who lives alone said she’s afraid of receiving delivery food

DAY6 Wonpil expressed regret over the bitter reality after hearing a female fan say that she was afraid of receiving delivery food.

On Feb 25th, Wonpil communicated with fans through a live broadcast. While continuing the broadcast by listening to fans’ concerns, he received a rather shocking request from a fan. The fan asked, “I heard that the world is ugly so I shouldn’t show that I live alone when receiving delivery food. Can you say ‘Please leave it at the front door’ in a loud voice like you’re my boyfriend?”

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DAY6 Wonpil

She added that she would record and use his voice whenever she orders delivery food. Wonpil read the comment and got confused about the reality of having to worry about ordering delivery food. Then, in order to comply with the fan’s request, he said several times in a firm voice, “Please leave it at the front door.”


Since crimes targeting women living alone are occasionally occurring, Wonpil seems to have accepted the fan’s request with concern. Fans who saw this expressed their gratitude, saying they fell in love with Wonpil’s outstanding empathy and kindness once again.


Meanwhile, Wonpil, who is about to enlist in the Navy on Mar 28th, has recently released his first solo album “Pilmography” and is actively doing promotional activities.

DAY6 Wonpil
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