“I’m fully aware of the mistakes I made”, Yoo Ah In attends private police summons

Actor Yoo Ah In made an apology as he attended the private summoning from the police.

Actor Yoo Ah In (38) responded to the police’s summons. He showed up at the police station 50 days after the investigation into drug-related charges began.

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In particular, Yoo Ah In appeared at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit at 10 AM (KST) on March 27th. Wearing a black suit, he headed to the Drug Crime Investigation Unit with his head down.

The police summoned Yoo Ah In in private. The date of the summons, originally scheduled for March 24th, was exposed to the media. Therefore, the investigation schedule was postponed to March 27th, three days later.

Yoo Ah In was booked on Feb 6th on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. As a result of the National Forensic Service’s hair analysis, drugs such as propofol, marijuana, cocaine and ketamine were detected.

yoo ah in

The police carried out a comprehensive investigation for 50 days. It is said that all efforts were made to find data to support the result of the National Forensic Service.

First of all, they confiscated 2 mobile phones and analyzed 8-year conversations. There are more than 10,000 forensic extraction records alone. A search and seizure was also conducted at hospitals and 2 houses.

Hospital medical staff, agency officials and acquaintances were also summoned. Efforts were made to expand the scope of the investigation as well as specify the time and place.

With summoning Yoo Ah In, the police are planning to wrap up the investigation that has continued for 2 months. It is not difficult to prove the charge of propofol, but in the case of the remaining drugs, evidence to specify the crime is needed.

An official from the legal profession analyzed, “The key is to secure objective evidence to support the result of the National Forensic Service’s analysis. In addition, the police will try to get recognition (of the charges) through the summon and investigation.”

In response, Yoo Ah In’s side said, “I am fully aware of the mistakes I made and I’m reflecting on myself. Any words of apology will not be enough. I’m sorry.”

“I will tell the truth as honestly as possible,” the actor also said. However, he also added that he would actively explain his blood test results.

Source: Nate

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