Im Si-wan’s New Drama Is So Good He Beated Jung Woo-sung And Song Kang On Actors’ Ranking

Recently, the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute measured 229,189,283 brand big data of 100 actors in dramas, movies, and OTT (streaming services) productions, which aired from November 25, 2023 to December 25, 2023.

Bid data analysis of actor brand reputation in December 2023 showed Im Si-wan in the first place, Jung Woo-sung the second and Song Kang the third. What drew the most attention was that Im Sĩ-wan even surpassed Jung Woo-sung, whose movie “12.12: The Day” gathered more than 10 million audiences. This is analyzed to be thanks to the reputation that he received through his recent work called “Boyhood.”

im si wan

Im Si-wan played the role of Byung-tae in the Coupang Play web drama “Boyhood” and is receiving favorable reviews for his strong dialect and tight-knit comic acting. Known to be from Busan, he trained himself to speak a perfect Chungcheong-do dialect, proving his acting and popularity again.

In fact, he is the only idol-turned-actor with a 10-million-audience movie with “The Attorney (Director Yang Woo-seok),” which was released in December 2013.

After the final episode of “Boyhood” was released, Internet users are posting enthusiastic responses, saying, “I binge watched it again because of Im Si-wan,” “I was depressed, but I laughed a lot thanks to him,” “This is the best movie I’ve ever seen,” and “I didn’t expect Im’s handsome face to look so funny.”

Source: OSEN

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