Yoo Se Yoon rides a scooter abroad with his chest exposed…Self-blurring important parts

Comedian Yoo Se Yoon delivered his current status through an exposure photo.

On Feb 18th, Yoo Se Yoon posted a photo on his Instagram.

In the photo, Yoo Se Yoon, who is traveling abroad, is riding a scooter on the road with his chest exposed. He caused laughter by self-blurring important parts.

Yoo Se-yoon

One netizen shared a photo of Yoo Se Yoon at that time with the caption “Please drive safely“. Yoo Se Yoon was surprised, saying, “How do you find out?”

Netizens left many comments such as “You look really at ease”, “Oh my God”, “I think I’m going to die from laughter”…

Yoo Se-yoon

Yoo Se Yoon debuted as a comedian through the 19th annual public recruitment of comedians for KBS in 2004. He was recently selected as an MC of TVING’s original program “Webtoon Singer” along with SHINee Minho and comedian Jang Do Yeon. “Webtoon Singer” is a music variety show that combines K-pop, which is well-loved around the world, with K-webtoon to create webtoon OSTs.

Source: wikitree

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