KARA Heo Young Ji to debut solo in September “Reveal details later”

KARA Heo Young Ji will debut as a solo singer in September.

Heo Young Ji’s agency DSP Media told Newsen on August 11th, “Heo Young Ji is preparing for her solo debut with the goal of September. We will inform you of the details later.

After going through trainee days under DSP Media, Heo Young Ji joined girl group KARA as a new member in 2014. Heo Young Ji released her first solo digital single “Memory Clock” in August 2017, but did not carry out promotional activities separately. The album to be released this time is an official solo album 9 years after her debut.

KARA Heo Young ji

Earlier in June, Heo Young Ji announced her solo debut at the fan meeting “YOUNGJI’s Bakery” held in Korea and Japan. At that time, Heo Young Ji said, “I’m preparing for a solo album and spending exciting days. You won’t be disappointed. I’m preparing very hard.”

Meanwhile, Heo Young Ji’s group KARA released the special album “MOVE AGAIN” to commemorate their 15th debut anniversary on November 29th last year. The title song “WHEN I MOVE” topped major music charts in Korea, showing KARA’s potential.

Source: Daum

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