“I’m glad she’s doing well”…Director Jung Woo Sung is proud of Lim Ji Yeon’s success

Actor Jung Woo Sung, executive director of “Artist Company”, was proud of the success of his agency’s junior Lim Ji Yeon.

On April 5th, a video titled “WOO SUNG LOG in Dubai Ep.01” was uploaded on Artist Company’s YouTube channel.


In this video, Jung Woo Sung went on a business trip to Dubai. When the story about Lim Ji Yeon came out during the meal, he nodded, saying, “Every actor in Artist Company is doing really well. It’s good.”

A staff member said, “Actress Lim Ji Yeon is doing well. She acted so well for the role of Yeon Jin.” Hearing this, Jung Woo Sung could not hide his pride.

Earlier on April 1st, Lim Ji Yeon reportedly renewed her contract with Artist Company.

Lim Ji Yeon played the role of Park Yeon Jin in Netflix’s series “The Glory” and received favorable reviews for her perfect performance even though it was her first villain role. She is also loved by global viewers beyond Korea thanks to her fashion items in the drama as well as buzzwords such as “You’re cool, Yeon Jin!”. Meanwhile, she is dating junior actor Lee Do Hyun, who appeared together with her in “The Glory”.

Source: nate

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