Idols vs. actresses on the red carpet: Who looks more stunning? 

Do you see the difference in the aura of idols and actresses in these moments? 

In Korea’s entertainment industry, actors are often said to overshadow K-pop idols when it comes to aura, even though they all look beautiful. Especially on the red carpet, many netizens think actresses tend to take more spotlight.  

yoona son ye jin
Netizens like to compare actors to idols 

Recently, idol-turned-actress Kim Se Jeong has been gaining more popularity thanks to her role in “Business Proposal”. Besides natural acting, Kim Se Jeong is loved for her bubbly charm and lovely visuals. 

kim ji won kim se jeong
Kim Se Jeong vs Kim Ji Won on the same red carpet 

But when it comes to aura, Kim Se Jeong is said to be outshined by Kim Ji Won when they walked the same red carpet. While Kim Se Jeong radiated a cute and playful idol-like charm, Kim Ji Won exuded elegance and luxurious vibes.

kim se jeong
Kim Se Jeong wore a large dress on the red carpet 
kim ji won
Kim Ji Won showed off her classy aura in a sophisticated gown  
kim se jeong kim ji won
Kim Se Jeong looked cute, while Kim Ji Won exuded grace 

At the Asia Artist Awards 2017, female idol Suzy wore an all-black minimalist outfit. Considered the “national first love”, Suzy was expected by the audience to be the focus of attention on the red carpet. However, Park Min Young appeared in a gorgeous white dress and quickly occupied the “spotlight”.

Suzy wore an all-black minimalist outfit
park min young
The actress’s charming beauty became the focus of attention

YoonA is also a female idol who always receives many compliments thanks to her beautiful beauty. But on the red carpet of the 2017 Busan International Film Festival, Yoona lost her “spotlight” to Son Ye Jin.

yoona son ye jin

While YoonA wore a daring backless dress, Son Ye Jin caught the eye with a seductive white low-cut dress. It was the moment Son Ye Jin smiled brightly on the red carpet that made her the brightest star at this event.

son ye jin
The moment Son Ye Jin appeared on the red carpet.

Another time, YoonA had the opportunity to meet Son Ye Jin again on the red carpet. At the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards, the public once again had the opportunity to admire the gorgeous visuals of the two actresses in their impressive dresses.

son ye jin
Son Ye Jin’s beauty is highly praised by the public.
YoonA also became the focus of attention.

YoonA chose a red wine color dress that highlighted her slim shoulders. She stood out among other guests thanks to her bright appearance. But not long after that, Son Ye Jin once again took over the red carpet with her simple dress and extremely attractive charisma.

YoonA’s wine color dress.
son ye jin
Son Ye Jin’s simple but attractive dress.

After the 2015 Blue Dragon Film Awards, Seolhyun (AOA) became the center of attention thanks to her “beauty contest” with actress Sung Yuri. Despite being one of the most beautiful female idols in K-pop, sadly, Seolhyun couldn’t; win the spotlight for herself when standing next to Sung Yuri. The actress gave off a confident and fresh look with a luxurious aura on the red carpet of the award ceremony.

Seolhyun attracted attention with her gorgeous dress on the red carpet.
She was beautiful but did not capture all the eyes at the event. (Photo: news1)
sung yuri
Sung Yuri with her beautiful and confident appearance on the red carpet. (Photo: Pinterest)
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