Idol groups with the most perfect line-up in Kpop

Take a look at the groups that netizens chose as the most perfect in K-pop, with no members who are regarded as untalented.

Over the years, with the rapid development of the Korean entertainment industry, a series of groups have been released.  Many groups have left deep impressions in the hearts of fans and become the national idol group, including names such as: BIGBANG, TVXQ, SNSD,…  They are not only known as “hit-created machines” but also are said to be comprehensive groups, with no members labeled as incompetent.


Referring to the comprehensive group, BIGBANG is definitely the first name that any K-pop fan will think of.  It’s no coincidence that netizens call them “Kings of K-pop”.  The group not only has top-notch songs, but all members have also conquered the hearts of the public with real abilities.

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While G-Dragon and T.O.P are two rappers that many K-pop idols admire, Daesung and Taeyang make many fangirls “fascinated” with their attractive voices.  As for the maknae, Seungri proved his talent through his skillful dance moves, besides, his voice also made many fans fall in love.

Apart from the skills that idols require, BIGBANG inspires admiration for their composing abilities. The members all take part in the composition and production of music for both group and individual songs. G-Dragon now still makes a lot of money from copyright even if he doesn’t do anything.


In the 2nd generation of K-pop, in addition to BIGBANG, there is also 2NE1 – one of the legendary, successful girl groups with interesting music colors.  2NE1 is a combination of 4 excellent people, a cool rapper CL, a beautiful Dara, a Minzy with a powerful voice, and a Park Bom with a “unique” voice color.  Besides, 2NE1 members also have the ability to compose and create hits.



As one of the groups possessing excellent visuals, TVXQ deserves to be called a comprehensive boy group.  Having brought a lot of fame and success to SM, TVXQ at that time was also called “the god of the East” by netizens.  As a vocal group, TVXQ owns golden vocalists of the Korean music industry such as Jaejoong, Junsu, Changmin, Yoochun and Yunho.  The boys also have extremely good dancing skills, bringing impressive stages to the audience.

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As one of the hottest boy groups today, BTS members are recognized by the public as talented boys.  Debuting in a small company with no reputation, but BTS has gradually asserted the group’s talent and value in the Korean and international music market.

BTS’s rapper-line RM, Suga, and J-Hope are not only good at rapping but also good at composing.  The youngest Jungkook and Jimin drew attention with their top-notch dancing skills, while Jin and V made fans “melt” with their sweet and tender voices.


When WINNER just debuted, as BIGBANG’s juniors they were under a lot of pressure. But time has proven the ability of the 4 boys. The most prominent is probably rapper Mino with excellent “rapping”, followed by the highly-rated voices of Kang Seung Yoon and Jinwoo, next to Seung Hoon with his good composing ability.

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Many netizens think that WINNER owns 4 boys with handsome visuals, so every time the group releases a new song, it always makes people excited about both music and image.


Choosing a different direction, MAMAMOO, although not receiving the national love as other girl groups had, no one can deny these 4 girls’ talent. The group has all 3 powerful and technical vocals, Solar, Hwasa, and Wheein, along with an excellent rapper, Moonbyul. In addition to singing, the 4 girls can also make their own choreography. No member of MAMAMOO has been called talentless.MAMAMOO is also the music producer for their own album.

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Finding a perfect idol in terms of both talent and visuals is not too difficult, but it is not easy to find a group that has all the above factors. And the groups mentioned above are the perfect representation of the concept of a well-rounded idol group. Maybe among them there will be many idols who have some personal shortcomings, but in general, they still have enough professional capabilities and contribute to the complete image when standing in their group.

For K-pop fans, there would still be other groups worth being called well-rounded. Because inside the mind of fans, their idol would always be a talented and perfect person that no one can beat.

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