“Prettier than Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Hee in real life” Identity of an actress who was comfortably drinking on the street

Attention is drawn to a famous actress who had a “drinking mukbang” with her friends on the street.

Actress Kim Hee Sun made a dark alleyway look like a red carpet scene. October 8th, Kim Hee Sun posted a picture of her on her Instagram story with the caption, “So I went.. Yahoo”.

In the photo, Kim Hee Sun was seen having a meal outdoors. There was also a glass of beer on the table, suggesting that she was having a drinking party.

kim hee sun

Kim Hee Sun showed off her simple, unadorned look in a yellow sweatshirt and black bucket hat. She flaunted the beauty of ‘the prettiest celebrity in real life’.

When she made a guest appearance on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” before, Kim Hee Sun expressed strong satisfaction with her own beauty.

kim hee sun

At the time, she drew attention by answering “No. 1” without hesitation to Kang Ho Dong’s question, “Who is the prettiest among No. 1 Kim Hee Sun, No. 2 Kim Tae Hee, and No. 3 Jeon Ji Hyun?”

Kim Hee Sun’s pride in her visuals became a hot topic among fans, and several netizens acknowledged this by saying, “She is indeed prettier than Kim Tae Hee and Jeon Ji Hyun in real life” and “She is the top of the country because of how pretty she is.”

Kim Hee Sun is a top actress, but she often rides the subway and shows her bubbly, easygoing side. She recently garnered a lot of attention when she posted a picture of herself in front of Mangwon Station on Instagram.

Kim Hee Sun

Meanwhile, Kim Hee Sun met viewers last July in Netflix’s original series “Remarriage & Desires”. She recently chose the film “Sweet and Warm” as her next work. The film tells the story of a genius confectionery researcher Chi Ho (Yoo Hae Jin) who goes through a sweet change when he meets Il Young (Kim Hee Sun), a call center employee at a loan review company who thinks positively about anything.

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