Agency denies Jin Ji Hee’s involvement in Lee Sun Bin’s false testimony 

On March 12th, a representative from Jin Ji Hee’s agency C-JeS Entertainment responded to The Fact’s question asking whether the actress discussed the false statement with Lee Sun Bin before the prosecution’s investigation, saying “Jin Ji Hee did not have any agreement with Lee Sun Bin prior to the prosecution’s investigation, and we confirmed that Jin Ji Hee’s mother participated in the witness investigation on behalf of the actress, who was still a minor that that time. We don’t know why Lee Sun Bin made such a claim.”

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Regarding the question, “Is it true that Jin Ji Hee’s mother also made false statements during the prosecution’s investigation, just like Lee Sun Bin’s false testimony in court?”, the agency’s representative firmly said, “No. She told the truth as it was.”

What’s noteworthy is that this contradicts the fact that Lee Sun Bin mentioned former WYD’s Chairman Byun as a court witness in the lawsuit against former WYD CEO Seo and changed her 2016 testimony in 2021.

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During the 2021 trial, Lee Sun Bin said, “In the first lawsuit with Imagin Asia, we were both in a disadvantageous position, so we talked about what we should do together. At that time, Byun said, ‘If you tell the truth, it will be disadvantageous for us, so you have to testify like this’”, admitting that her initial statement to investigators was false. Lee Sun Bin’s 180-degree changed testimony caused a stir and even led to a National Assembly petition on the introduction of the “obstruction of justice” crime.

As the controversy spread, Jin Ji Hee’s mother Goo broke the silence and denied Lee Sun Bin’s testimony after two months after The Fact’s exclusive report. At that time, she said, “It is true that Seo runs the company and Byun has nothing to do with it”. In fact, Seo was the reason why Jin Ji Hee signed a contract with WYD. In the 2016 investigation, Goo said, “Seo contacted us and we signed the contract. Byun is not related to the signing process”.

However, Lee Sun Bin’s 2021 court testimony stated, “WYD is Byun’s company. Byun and Seo were on the same side during the investigation in 2016”.

When asked about the reason Lee Sun Bin mentioned Jin Ji Hee in court that that time, Jin Ji Hee’s agency repeatedly emphasized, “ We don’t know why Jin Ji Hee’s name was mentioned, but that’s not true at all. At that time, her mother just told the truth in front of the prosecution. There was no reason for us to make a false statement because we were involved in a lawsuit with Imagine Asia and it was a disadvantageous situation.”

However, Lee Sun Bin’s side complained of unfairness on the 10th, saying “Regardless of what is right or wrong, it is frustrating that only Lee Sun Bin seems to be in trouble due to the dispute between Byun and Seo.”

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Lee Sun Bin refused to explain why she mentioned Jin Ji Hee in her court testimony. In this regard, the actress’s agency said that Jin Ji Hee’s name was not directly mentioned in the testimony and explained, “Lee Sun Bin gave such a statement at that time because she thought that was what she had to say, and she did not have any intention to lie”.

Source: Daum

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