“I was spying on OOO…” The unexpected reason for Lee Young-ji’s long nails

The unexpected reason for rapper Lee Young-ji’s long nails was revealed.

On August 29th, a post related to Lee Young-ji‘s secret of learning English, which she shared through her SNS in the past, was uploaded on an online community.

Lee Young-ji advised, “Follow 80 foreign artists you like and keep watching their Instagram stories.”

She made everyone laugh by adding, “When I look at the Instagram stories, I feel alienated because it seems like something fun happens that only I don’t understand. Then my brain works to understand them.”

However, this study method had its drawbacks. Lee Young-ji said, “My grammar became worse. There is a side effect that only the artists’ attitude and reactions are absorbed.”

She continued to cause laughter by confessing, “After spying on Cardi B, I only do long nail arts.”

Source: dispatch

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